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MET-Rx is an American brand of nutritional supplements originally produced by Met-Rx, Inc., a California company started by Scott Connelly, and sold several times since. The brand is best known for pioneering a new category of bodybuilding supplements known as meal replacement powders or MRPs. It was also involved in the androstenedione controversy in the late 1990s.

Here is what user tnator on forums.t-nation researched on the founder of Met-Rx, "By aggressively spinning pseudo-science advertorials. In 1990 Connelly came up with MET-Rx and joined forces with a great marketer named Bill Phillips (EAS). Bill had the trust of the consumers at the time because of his Anabolic Reference Guide, Natural Supplement Review, and then Muscle Media 2000. The ARG earned Bill trust in the sports nutrition space as he wrote about how to spot counterfeit steroids and even how to smuggle them into the country. In the 1990s steroids were prevalent in society and sports. The NSR was a book that provided lab analysis of all the supplements in the space and again the first issue was legit, the 2nd issue low and behold spoke about MET-Rx. MET-Rx was claimed to cause nutrient partitioning so that calories went to building muscle instead of putting on fat, and MET-Rx was anabolic and anticatabolic … just like a steroid."


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"Poor management at the higher levels which makes it difficult."

Ash Faran says

"I placed order for isolate protein and I got charged for 62$ after few days I received phosphate salt pills .i called them and address the issue and they told me that are going to send my item right a way .after few more days I haven’t received my product and I called to see what’s the status of my shipment they said they don’t have the product ,no Apologies or admission. This company is scam,FRAUD AND shady . I wouldn’t recommend to anybody."

Jean-Luc Mélanchon says

"It took them a long time before warning me they couldn't charge my credit card because it's not a US issued credit card, they cancelled my order, no commercial gesture, please do never order your supplements there."

Eddie o says

"I had a very bad experience recently with DPS and won't be doing business with them again. I purchased 2 twin-pack bottles of a product therefore 4 bottles total and was charged for it, but when I received my package there were only 2 bottles. I immediately called and spoke to a man who said he'd take care of it and I'd receive the missing bottles in 1-2 days. After 4 days I never received anything and called back, this time speaking to a rather rude lady who told me they were out of the product and it would take 2 weeks to come back into stock. She said "I don't know why they didn't notify you but this is the situation." Instead I just opted for a 50% refund since 50% of my order was missing. The next day I saw the refund post and they had subtracted the total shipping cost from the refund which doesn't make sense since this was 100% DPS nutrition's mistake which they needed to correct. I called back and spoke to the same rude lady who proceeded to argue with me and then eventually agreed to refund me half the shipping. I was persistent with calling DPS and wasting so much of my time for the principle of not letting them rip off customers regardless of the $ amount, and for them to correct their own mistakes. Two days later I still didn't see a refund for the shipping so I called back and spoke to the same lady who said "It'll get done, we have to wait for our accountant to come in." Seriously an accountant just to issue a refund? I recommend just doing business with a reputable retailer instead of the unprofessional and very poor customer service at DPS nutrition."

Dante Copeland says

"As you can see all reviews were entered on November 5th 2018. Raised my concerns immediately. When I received my order, I instantly became skeptical of the authenticity, the box, inserts, and packaging all seemed to be a LG Science Reprint. I have yet to break the seal until I contact LG Sciences to see if they are either an authorized retailer, or what type of certificate of authenticity should I expect. I will definitely do a thorough examination before I injest any of the contents I received. Stay tuned for a follow up to this review."

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